Fat is Good!

Most of us have been trained to steer away from fats and fatty foods. We were taught that low fat options were better for us. So why are folks going full fat now? Have we had it wrong all these years?

So...Fat is Good?

Yes! That's right. Fat is good. For many of us, this may be hard to believe. But, believe it or not, eating healthy fats can fill you up and actually help you burn fat. On a ketogenic diet, the body uses fat as an alternative fuel source (instead of carbs). These healthy fats are broken down to form ketones which fuel the body's metabolism, helping you lose weight. Healthy fats like avocados, plant-based oils, eggs, nuts, seeds, and many others also help boost your cholesterol.


I know. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Well, eating healthy fats and keeping carbs low helps boost your "good" cholesterol or HDL cholesterol, which in turn gets rid of the "bad" cholesterol. Fats also help you absorb vitamins, regulate inflammation and maintain healthy cells.

Be careful not to overindulge if weight loss is the goal.

Consult your primary care doctor before starting any diet

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